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Hi there 👋

My name is Alex and I am an full-time iOS Developer.

Free time

In my free time I try to learn as much about Swift and iOS development as I can. Furthermore I really like the JavaScript ecosystem, one reason why this blog is built with Gatsby.js. Occasionally I do some experimenting with Rust as well. Of course you can also find me playing some video games - when I have time for that 👾

Have a look at my portfolio to see what I do in my spare time.

Why this blog ?

I never did a lot of writing before, that is the reason I started with this blog. I want to write about my passion - coding. Most of my posts will about iOS and Swift on this blog - who would have guessed that.

You may ask yourself why the name "Teabyte" in the top ? - I like tea a lot and I love coding, so I combined the word tea with one of the fundamentals structures in terms of coding.

I hope you find the articles on this website interesting and helpful. If you have any suggestions or find mistakes, don't hesitate to reach out.

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